All Brief Guide to the Best Space Heaters

A space heater is used for warming up a room. It works in a way that the thermostat is not turned up to assist in warming the house. The space heater is usually in portable sizes and can be used from anywhere, in the absence of any flammable material. These heaters can be used as supplement sources of heat and they help in reducing the homes overall heating bill. In this case, the electricity bill will slightly increase when these types of heaters are used, but it is deemed better off in electricity savings compared to other types of heaters and the most efficient space heater will not demand too much in the way of additional electricity compared to alternative forms of heating.

On the other hand, heaters come in different types, which include convection, radiant and combination heaters. The heaters prices range from the heater type. While buying a space heater, it is therefore advisable to have an idea about where the space heater is to be used. Choose the type of heater to suits the cold situation in your home.

For fast room heating, a radiant space heater is the best in this case. In this connection, if one needs to warm an entire room, a convection heater is preferred in most cases. For a heater that is to be used on a daily basis, the combination heaters are a good way to go. In the end the best space heater option will depend largely upon your individual circumstances.

Before purchasing a space heater, the amount of heat to be generated is another factor that should be considered. This is because majority of the heaters consume power between 600 and 1500watts. In this case, the higher the wattage, the higher the power consumption will be. Consequently, the higher the electricity bill you incur.

Convection Heaters

convection heating example

This type of a space heater comes in a variety of unique designs and it is used for the house warming purpose. It works by producing hot air that warms the house by rising up and causing the cooler air to lower towards the floor, being a good source of proper heat circulation in a room. In this case, the water and oil filled heaters are the mostly used due to their efficiency and they are warm to the touch.

Radiant Heaters

radiant heater

This type of space heater is used in mainly warming up people but not the air. This space heater works by providing warmth to the people sitting in front of the heater, and they do so in a convenient manner. If one prefers faster heating, this heater will be the best choice. However, there are certain dangers that limit the use of this heater. The heater can be a fire threat to the people and animals, especially when used near highly flammable or combustible items. To sum it up, it is always advisable to take care and exercise caution when using these heaters close to flammable items.

More recently infrared heaters have been developed which operate at much lower ambient temperatures. The way in which infrared heaters do this is fascinating.

Combination Heaters

This type of heater works in a way that it serves the purpose of both the radiant and convention heaters. This type of space heater uses a fan in heat distribution in a room but is on the other hand not efficient as compared to the other heater types. They are efficient when used in homes.

Active Summer Break Ideas

Life is often a blur of activity. The result is that often your teenage kids get to their holiday time and you realise that you have nothing planned for the entire summer break. This doesn’t sound a major problem, after all there are plenty of screens that your kids can sit in front of all day, and not be a problem at all. However if you want your kids to lead a full and active life then you really should encourage them to get outside and enjoy some super outdoor activities.

What sort of things can they do however. Well there are plenty of organised activity days that you can locate in the local area but you can also look for much more specific activities that they can do either by themselves, or with their siblings. The great benefit of doing things alone is that they tend to get a better quality of tuition if it’s something that they need tuition with and that they’re not bored because the vast majority of the group with whom they with are not that good.

They were in a layout some options that you might consider your teenage kids to do during that important summer break.


It’s well-known that teenagers just love to ride horses. There is something very special about the relationship that someone has with horse, and this is particularly true when they share that relationship through riding out. This is an excellent activity for your children to do, and one which they will thoroughly enjoy in the process.

Obviously, when they first try out horseriding they will need tuition. Selection of the right sort of tuition your child is quite important. Often stables will allow children to ride out but not allow them to trot or canter or do any of the other skills that are necessary to command a horse by themselves. So when choosing make sure that you look for that will genuinely teach your children.

supStand-up paddle boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding is a relatively new sport. In fact it’s difficult to call it sport since there is relatively little competition in it. However it is a wonderful activity to undertake if you are staying near water of any substance. Paddle boards are large surfboard type vehicles that the children can stand on and paddle to their hearts content. It allows them to explore new areas, to play, to surf on.

Although paddle boarding looks serene and relatively easy to do, it is in fact quite difficult to master. However kids will be kids and the learning process is almost certain to be a great deal of fun. Kids love splashing in and out of the water and riding on a paddle board is a perfect opportunity to do that.

hot-air-ballooningHot air ballooning

Although more of a one-off type experience than the more traditional horseriding or waterside activities there is no question that hot air balloon is something that your children will absolutely love from beginning to end. The experience of flying in a hot air balloon giving them a fantastically different view of the world in which they live can be with them for the rest of their lives and is something that you should definitely consider, cost permitting.
Hot air ballooning ride can be especially memorable if you are staying somewhere that has beautiful scenery. Places that spring to mind would be the Grand Canyon, or wildlife on safari in South Africa. However of course such places aren’t always accessible to most families.

Hopefully, these three examples will give you some idea of the sorts of outdoor activities that you can arrange your children to do during the long summer break. It is easy, and often a genuine waste of opportunity, if you take the easy way out and allow them to just sit in the house meet up with their friends or play games on the computer. The time that you have with your children is often shorter than you would like in retrospect so our recommendation is to take full advantage of having them with you when you can.

Interesting Afternoon Craft Ideas

If you’re looking around for craft projects that you might undertake that look great but don’t take long to complete then look no further. We outline here a number of projects that you might easily be able to achieve in an afternoon of productive effort. These projects are fun, often very simple and yet can improve the look of a drab corner or empty area of a room.

Attractive Craft Art (with a Kitchen Theme)

craft-artThis is very straightforward and requires only an old piece of wood, with the bark on the back and sides if possible, but if not then don’t worry. Some pins, some colored thread and a marker pen or paint. We found this on A Beautiful Mess.

The idea is to make a design on the wood, just an outline is perfectly fine, knock in the pins to the surface of the wood and use the colored thread to criss-cross the pins creating a 3D web pattern. The end result can look great and will certainly go well on a sideboard or with other craft projects.

Scarecrow Hat Wreath

scarecrow-wreathThis is a super fun project, that the kids will enjoy too. It is easy to do and does not matter if the end result is a bit messy and flaky, in many ways that is the whole point. It would be great to do as a project in a run up to a harvest festival of some sort. The full tutorial is over at Always the Holidays.

You will need however an old gardening hat or old straw hat of some sort as the basic canvas upon which the wreath is built. Pick some autumnal flowers, get hold of some straw and a bit of string and some craft eyes in order to make a face on the hat.

The project will generate a lot of laughs both in the creation of it and the end result.

Gorgeous Painted Stool

From Hellolidy, this idea to upgrade an old stool to make an attractive feature for any room is super. It is also extremely easy.

painted-stoolAll you really need is an old wooden stool that you have no further need for. The painting is done in two stages.

Before even getting out your paintbrush however you should sand the stool down with a light sandpaper. This has two benefits, it gets rid of any dirt and grime and creates a clean surface for the paint to adhere to. Once sanding is complete wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust then paint the stool with a base coat of white eggshell.

Once dry, use masking tape to creat the patterns on the top and the legs and then paint the contrasting color coat. Remove the masking tape before the paint dries and then use a varnish to finish, Looks great!

What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Kids?

Although there are a range of sewing machines dedicated specifically to children, are they really the best way for kids to learn how to use a machine? If your child is interested in learning how to sew, it’s worthwhile looking in to what the best sewing machine for them is. We’ve done a bit of the work for you, however, here are the best sewing machines for kids.

There are a few things to consider when looking to purchase a sewing machine for your child, these are:

  • The price
  • How easy the sewing machine is to use
  • How reliable is your sewing machine
  • How big is your sewing machine

We’ll explore some options that meet our four requirements here to help you make a choice as to the best sewing machine for your kids! We have tried to be comprehensive in our review, however it is worth noting that the source of much of this information is taken from a great site called Sewing Machine Specialist which we thoroughly recommend.

Hobbycraft Mini Sewing Machine

If you’re looking for something very basic to get your little one started, you can’t go far wrong with this. It is mains or battery operated, extremely affordable and by its own admission, mini! It does have limited features and capability, but is fine for learning the basics on. Due to its limited features, it’s very easy to use and would be a perfect starting point.

Janome Sew Mini 140M Sewing Machine

Janome Sew Mini 140M Sewing MachineFor something with a bit more oomph behind it, the Janome Sew Mini is a great option. It’s still a small machine, so not too big for children to handle, but it’s capable of doing more than the Hobbycraft Mini Machine. It’s operated entirely by a single dial, so couldn’t get much easier to use, it has eight different built in stitch options, allowing you more choice for the projects you can work on and has plenty of features to see your little one through from beginner, to competent sewer.

This machine is the ideal starter machine for anyone with a keen interest in sewing, but due to its small size and relatively light weight (just 2.5kg) is absolutely perfect for children!

Brother LS14 Sewing Machine

Brother LS14 Sewing MachineFor a machine that does a little bit more than our other two options, but is still simple enough for a child to learn on, you can’t go wrong with the Brother LS14 Sewing Machine. It has enough features that your little one will be able to grow into it, but not so many that it’ll cause confusion when they’re just starting out.

The machine has 14 built in stitch patterns, and is capable of things like making button holes, and sewing hard to reach areas using the freearm sewing system. It has enough features on it to satisfy even the most curious and keen sewer, and will keep them going for a few years after they first learn to sew! It’s easy to use, being controlled largely by a dial on the side of the machine so children should have no problem operating it.

Although the Brother LS14 is more of an investment for children starting to learn, it could be well worth it in the long run.

Each of these machines have their benefits and could be considered “the best” for children to learn on, it all depends on exactly what you’re looking for! If you want something stripped back and basic, the Hobbycraft branded option is the one to go for, but if you want something more complex, try the Brother offering. The Janome model sits firmly in the middle, offering a good choice for those who don’t want either end of the scale and prefer to get their children learning and give them room to progress all with a single machine.